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Why Are You Looking For A Workers Comp Lawyer?

  1. I Was Hurt At Work
  2. They Are Not Paying My Hospital Bills
  3. They Are Cutting My Wages
  4. They Fired Me Because Of My Injury I Sustained At Work
  5. My Injury Is Going To Be Permanent
  6. I Cannot Find Work Because Of My Injury

Why Are You Suffering

For An Injury You Sustained At Work!

Our Workers Comp Lawyers Can Help You Get The Benefits You Deserve

How Quickly Can I See A Lawyer?

In 60 seconds you could be speaking to one or our Senior Paralegal's.

We try to meet with every new patient within 48 hours of your initial call.


What Should I Expect After I Hire You?

Imagine all the stress and financial burden that is weighing you down and constantly looming over your head being GONE!

We help remove that and help you to get your life back to the way it was before the accident.

What Makes Us Experts At Workers Comp Law?

We have a combined experience of over 45 years in Workers Comp law.

We have been told that our Lawyers have the best Customer Service in the industry!


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Allen Turner Law?

1. We Have Been In Business Since 1999

2. We Are Easy To Get Ahold Of

3. We Answer Our Phones

4. We Treat Our Clients With Respect

5. We Are Admitted To The GA Supreme Court

6. We Know Workers Comp Law!

See How We Have Helped Others

Recent Reviews

Cindy B

Fayetteville, GA

Date: Feb 13, 2017
Attention to detail, compassionate and knowledgeable!

"I Am Very Grateful For Allen Turner Law"

Torey W

Fayetteville, GA

Date: Feb 11, 2017
I reached out to Allen Turner Law last November, the night of our accident. We were rear ended in North Atlanta by a negligent and distracted driver. After seeking medical attention, we (my girlfriend and I) met with the attorney and the paralegal to discuss our case. That point was a turning point in not only our case but also our treatment. ATL attorneys and staff were most concerned about us both getting well and ensured we received all of the extensive therapy necessary to bring us back to the way we were before our accident. Ultimately, Allen Turner Law was very very helpful through the whole process, from referrals to medical professionals, helping the reimbursement process for replacing my car, and ultimately fighting for our Case which led to a settlement from the insurance company that I was very happy with. In addition, Lauren, the paralegal who was my 'go-to' for questions, always had all the answers, and was unbelievably helpful. I would recommend Allen Turner Law to anyone who may need any legal assistance. They accurately represented my case, respected my decisions, questions, and views regarding my case, and they were truly there to help, and for that I thank them! Upstanding professionals, hands down.

"We Were Rear Ended In North Atlanta"

Dawn M

Fayetteville, GA

Date: Feb 10, 2017
This law firm has an amazing staff! They are nice, personable, professional, super competent and did an excellent job keeping me informed throughout the process. If I ever have any future needs Allen Turner Law will be my first phone call!

"This Law Firm Is Super Competent And Did An Excellent Job"

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Our HOTLINE is always open.

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Our HOTLINE is always open.

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There Is No Upfront Cost For Workers Compensation Claims

What Will This Cost Me?

Workers Comp Claims are a contingency basis. That means that you don't pay anything until we win your case, and if we don't win then you don't pay anything at all (don't worry, it is very rare that we don't win). The benefit of this is that you can hire us to represent you without having to worry about the cost of legal representation.
We get paid only after you win and get a settlement. Our fee is then taken out of the settlement. Another benefit about hiring Allen Turner Law is that we have reasonable fee. If you want more information about our fees the just call and we will be happy to tell you more.

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Why Is Allen Turner Law The Logical Choice?

You want a lawyer with enough experience to get you the best settlement but also one that has reasonable fees. We offer both of those! We are a small law firm with a lot of years of experience.

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When you are injured in the workplace in Georgia, you do not have to prove that it was the employers fault that you were injured. The simple fact that you were injured in the workplace is all you need.


1. How Soon Can I Hire A Lawyer?


As soon as you are injured you can get us involved. That way we can make sure you are taken care of every step of the way. We have a lot of experience. Use it for your advantage.

2. Where Is Your Office Located?


Our office is located in Fayetteville off of Highway 54 outside of Peachtree City. It is at the intersection of Highway 54 and Gingercake Rd.

Our Address is

101 Devant Street, Suite 705

Fayetteville, GA 30214